Stanage Edge

Stanage Edge is a Gritstone cliff located inside of the Peak District.  The area is best known as one of the best locations in the UK for climbing.  The cliff itself extends to a maximum of 458 metres above sea level.

The face of the cliff has been eroded over time by a combination of quarrying and natural erosion by the elements so extremely rugged.  This provides the face with numerous holes making it perfect for climbing.  It is in fact the most popular location for climbing within the Peak District.

The cliff edge itself extends almost four miles from the Cowper Stone to Stanage End.  There is a series of different cliffs on the Northern edge which include a number of well known climbing spots.  These include Burbage Rocks, Froggatt Edge, Baslow Edge and Birchen Edge.  Many of the climbing routes have only been opened up in recent years due to right to roam land access laws.  These include the famous Cowper Stone.

Although climbing is the main pastime for the majority of visitors to Stanage Edge, the area is also perfect for hiking due to the outstanding views it offers.  Hikers flock to the area due to it being close to a number of the Peak Districts most famous attractions.  These include the Shivering mountain and Mam Tor which can be found to the west.  There are a number of different hiking routes available, with some taking visitors along what left of a Roman road which heads towards Redmires Reservoir.  Visitors who are looking for fantastic views may wish to hike along the cliffs edge though the weather can be unpredictable and even challenging in the winter months due to the height and exposed nature of the ground.

Stanage edge is close to the village of Hathersage and is easy to access.  Buses from Hathersage to Stanage Edge run throughout the summer months on Sundays and bank holiday Mondays.  There are more buses which run every day of the week from Sheffield and Castleton.

Accommodation is available in North Lees in the form of a campsite, with a number of bed and breakfasts also being available in the surrounding area.