Motor Vehicles in the Peak District.

The Peak District national park is a popular location for individuals pursuing motor sports.  Motor sports may range from off road-ing in 4x4’s to driving motorbikes across open fields.  There are however a number of restrictions on the use of motor vehicles within the park with certain areas being designated for use by motor vehicles.  The use of motor vehicles within the Peak District has however been controversial due to the effects on the environment, which include noise pollution and erosion.

The Peak District national park authority has opened what are known as green lanes in order to attempt to please both those for and against the use of motor vehicles.  Green lanes themselves are simply tracks and bridleways which can be used by all users, whether these include cyclists, hikers or those driving.  It would however seem that motor vehicles are creating the most significant negative impact on the park hence there is much controversy surrounding whether they should be allowed.  Please see the green lanes page for more information regarding green lanes, and potential changes in the near future to green lanes.

Although green lanes are designated area which cars and other motor vehicles can currently use, there are a range of other areas which are reserved just for those on foot or cycling.  It is illegal for motor vehicle users to drive on routes which do not display signs indicating that vehicles may pass.  The most common of these roads are footpaths and bridleways.  Even those who use green lanes must ensure that their vehicle is up to the standard of a vehicle which may be used on the roads.  The park authority prevents illegal use by investigating what routes fall into the categories of legal and illegal, as well as logging and monitoring vehicles which break the rules.