Measuring the Performance of the Peak District Park Authorities Management Plan

The Peak District National Park management plan has been jointly produced by a number of the Park Authorities stakeholders and partners.  It also relies on its partners and stakeholders to successfully deliver the plan, and ensure that it performs well.  The Park Authority intends to do this in the following way.

The Peak District Park Authority has set up an Advisory Group.  The Peak District advisory group is built up of members who reflect the national parks interests via their representation of various communities and organisations which use the park.  The group intends to review the progress of the five year management plan, as well as tackling issues which arise regarding the park community as a whole.  Issues are to be tackled by tapering the management plan to ensure it remains both relevant and dynamic throughout its five year life cycle.  The advisory group itself is to be led independently for the first time by an impartial chair, Dianne Jeffrey.  Other members will be representing the interests of their members at meetings, ensuring that they are met.