How The Peak District National Park Authority is promoting sustainable transport

The Peak District Park Authority aims to promote sustainable transport in a number of ways.  One of the most recent ways in which this is being done is through the Peak Connections project.  The Peak Connections project aims to increase the number of visitors to the park who travel by either bus or train.  The Peak District Park Authority via the peak connections scheme has laid on extra bus services especially during peak times, as well as promoting the regular train services to the area.  This has made it significantly easier for visitors who do not have a car to visit the park or for those who wish to leave the car at home.  Visitors to the park are further incentivised to travel by public transport by being offered a series of discounts, which are available if visitors present their public transport ticket at a number of the parks paid attractions.  The Park authority has made the use of public transport possible by ensuring that all of the park’s main attractions are accessible by public transport.

The Peak District Park authority does not however wish to just stop at the Peak connections project.  The Peak District Park Authority wishes to continue promoting sustainable transport in the future, and has agreed several actions which will be put into force for the 2012-2017 time period.  These include the reviewing of the Peak connections project to hopefully promote sustainability in the future and to expand sustainable transport choices across the Peak District as a whole.  The authority also wishes to implement an online store which exists exclusively to provide sustainable transport options, as well as introducing a single transport ticket which can be used for all public transport within a given time frame.  The authority’s final aim, which is to be implemented in the medium term is to increase the links between different modes of transport to ensure visitors can conveniently visit attractions within the park.