Peak District, Sustainable Transport Action Plan

Transport in a pinnacle part of both life for Peak District residents as well as visitors to the park.  Businesses depend on both transport infrastructure and the availability of transport to survive, and a sufficient transport network is required to ensure the communities of the Peak District can survive and thrive in the future.  The fact that the park is within an hour’s drive for just under a quarter of the country’s population means that cars are playing a large part in regards to transporting visitors to the park.  As it currently stands around 85% of visits to the Peak District are made by car.

Although the Peak District park authority itself is not directly a transport authority and has no control over both public transport and the roads, it still seeks to influence the groups which do.  The Park Authority aims to do this via the sustainable transport action plan, which outlines the parks authority vision in regards to the provision of sustainable transport.  The sustainable transport plan can be broken down regarding the separate modes of transport available, and is explored in greater detail for various modes of transport on this site.