South West Peak

South West Peak is a relatively small area of the Peak District in comparison to both the Dark Peak and White Peak.  The area is however still of great importance due to it hosting a similar range of habitats to the Dark Peak, all be it on a smaller scale.  The area can be best described as a patchwork mix of moorland, farmland and Rush pastures, dissected by a series of hedgerows and rivers.

The Park Authority aims to encourage the area’s natural development so it that it continues to thrive.  The authority would like to see the area retain its diverse landscapes which consist of Heathlands, Blanket bogs, and grasslands.  These areas in turn will attract some of the Peak Districts most protected species back into the area.

The authority wishes to protect the Areas Rivers from pollution as well as safeguarding animal habitats that exist in the area.  The integrity of the areas rivers will depend on the continued success of the areas bogs and peat lands which act as natural filters, as well as habitats for the areas diverse mix of species.  Most work regarding the South West Peak will revolve around the protection and enhancement of existing animal habitats and grasslands, opposed to comprehensive re development of the area.