Water Sports in the Peak District

The Peak District has numerous bodies of water which are perfect for water sports.  A range of individuals and groups take part in a range of different water sports such as sailing, kayaking and canoeing.  The waters of the Peak Districts reservoirs provide the perfect inland location for water sports due to the gradual winds the area receives.  The reservoirs are also the location of many different sailing schools, which offer a range of RYA approved sailing courses and boat rental.  Visitors can enrol on courses, or simply hire boats for the day, should they have sufficient sailing experience.

Visitors looking to enjoy the tranquil water ways of the park may wish to spend a day canoeing.  Canoeing is available at a number of reservoirs and rivers throughout the Peak District which include the Tittesworth Reservoir and the River Derwent.  It is important however that visitors who wish to canoe or kayak in the parks reservoirs attend training courses so they can pursue such activities safely.